WordPress plugin doesn’t work after changing theme

I recently changed one of my WordPress blog theme to Chris Magiera’s Baloon theme. It is beautiful. The slight issue was, none of the plugins I want to use like Facebook nor Google Analytics work. This is where the head scratching starts.


After looking through the theme files; In this case, the solution for me was to add a missing call to wp_footer().

Chris’s Balloons theme forgot to call that function which most plugin relies on to inject the code they need to get the functionality to work.


So the fix is simply to:

  1. login to wp-admin
  2. Go to Appearance\Editor
  3. find footer.php
  4. add <?php wp_footer(); ?> before </body>
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One thought on “WordPress plugin doesn’t work after changing theme”

  1. Theme is very effective theme, Word Press 3.5 is a great upgrade, It is beautiful & the slight issue was, none of the plug-in.

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